**Can Only Be Purchased as an add on to the MOVIE NIGHT BOX**

Maximum two per customer. Choose from a striped, block colour or white variety popcorn. 


Add extra home made popcorn and candyfloss in a colour of your choice to your MOVIE NIGHT BOX. Choose the personalisation/ theme you would like. Make your movie nights fun and delicious for everyone. Ideal for movie nights, to surprise family, friends or loved ones, birthdays, thanks you's or just to let someone know you are thinking of them. Available in a variety of flavours, ribbon colours, themes and personalisations.

*themes can include anything; personal interests, golf, Barbie, gardening, football, Peppa pig, Starwars, a family photo, make up, football etc.


please note that the canyfloss sizing may vary slightly due to the amount of air that was spun into your floss whilst cooking it but know that the amount of candyfloss ingredients are measured equally.


Candyfloss Flavours
  • We are doing our bit in protecting the planet and using recycled delivery packaging where possible. The packaging has underten the nessasary sterilisation process. If we do not use recycled delivery packaging on your parcel then please do reuse yourself or recycle where possible.

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